Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Easy Steps To Recover From Your Rhinoplasty Surgery

nose job Rhinoplasty - a "nose job" in layman's terms - is the reconstruction of the features of the nose to provide a more aesthetic result of a clearer and more stable nasal operation. A nose job in Sydney is best performed under the supervision of a certified plastic surgeon, as they are capable of assisting in finding out the best solution possible for the needs of individual patients. In line with this, you can count on the skills and expertise of rhinoplasty Sydney surgeons in performing the task efficiently.

It is true that the procedure of correcting the shape or the functionality of the nose can be both invasive and intricate in nature. There are also those who experience a disrupted flow of air. All of these risk factors are considered carefully, and potential patients will be advised of the risks and possible complications. In ensuring that patients will experience an efficient result and recovery, listed below are some of the post-surgical tips that you can do to minimize the complications.

After surgery, the most common complaint that patients often experience is mild discomfort, tenderness, bruising as well as swelling around their nose. Ensure that you get enough rest as it will give you a healthy and shorter recovery time, and try and avoid blowing or touching your nose, if possible.

The pain, as well as the discoloration of your nose, will disappear over a six weeks period if you follow the correct care steps, especially during the most sensitive stages of the healing process. If there is still bleeding, to minimize it, stop smoking or any other pre-operative bad habits you have! It is imperative that you quit smoking and don't drink too much alcohol. Also, don't use anti-inflammatory medications that might affect the healing process.


You also need to refrain from strenuous exercises and training, especially during the first two weeks of your recovery, since during this time, the corrected structure will start to set. If you previously performed activities that put a lot of pressure on your facial region, once you've had your nose job, you will need to stop doing those, especially when your nose is still in its healing process. Also, don't play any sports that may risk your nose being hit and cause damage, since if that happens, it may require you to undergo an added procedure just to correct the damage.

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Can You Have Rhinoplasty Without Surgery

Rhinoplasty Surgeon FinderDid you know that it’s possible to have a nose job or rhinoploasty done without having surgery. Many people in Beverly Hills and across the U.S. are finding that cosmetic surgeons can now correct some imperfections without resorting to surgery.

Botox and other injectables are responsible for this breakthrough in rhinoplasty. Injectable cosmetics can be just as effective as plastic surgery in correcting some nasal imperfections.

The really great thing is that it can be done in the doctor’s office in just minutes and it is painless as well. A few simple injections into the nose can quickly and easily hide imperfections and bumps on the nose and reshape it. While some people worry that the injections will make their nose bigger this simply isn’t true. In fact, in many cases the nose will look smaller once it is reshaped as it will fit better on the patients face and the angles of the nose will make it appear smaller.

Who is eligible for non surgical rhinoplasty (Nose Job)?

Those who are looking for major reshaping or size reduction are unfortunately not candidates for non surgical rhinoplasty. If you need a major change then you’ll have to go with a traditional surgical rhinoplasty. However, if you only need a small adjustment and want quick results with minimal recovery then this non surgical procedure could be perfect for you.

There are several benefits to non surgical rhinoplasty. Among them is the lack of complications and side effects normally associated with rhinoplasty. You won’t have to deal with nose bleeds or any long term swelling or scarring and typically you’re allowed to return to work the same day. Possibly the best reason for many people is that the results are immediate. If cost is an issue you’ll be glad to know that non surgical rhinoplasty only costs about 1/10th of what traditional rhinoplasty costs.

Since the procedure is non invasive and is done with injections under your skin you’ll find that it won’t impair your breathing. And it can be used to make more precise adjustments to your nose than traditional rhinoplasty. One small negative is that it will fade and you’ll need to have touch-ups every few years.

Non surgical procedures done by Beverly Hills rhinoplasty doctors are an inexpensive way to get the nose job you’ve always wanted and improve your looks. If you’ve been dreaming of improving your looks then now is a great time to look into non surgical rhinoplasty.

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Saturday, 20 August 2016

An Introduction to Rhinoplasty

Commonly know as the nose job, rhinoplasty is nasal surgery meant to correct either cosmetic or medical issues. Among cosmetic surgery procedures it is the oldest and also the most common type performed in America. Most rhinoplasties are done to reshape the nose and give it a more aesthetic appearance. In Beverly Hills, rhinoplasty surgeons are among the best in the U.S. and even the world.

Rhinoplasty appeals to many people for a variety of reasons and one of these is that a more pleasing nose will change the focus of others when talking to you. Instead of having their gaze drawn to your nose they will tend to look you in the eye more. This is more comfortable for most people and is also better at creating a personal connection. Many others like their rhinoplasty because it gives their face a more balanced aesthetic look.

Rhinoplasty surgeons can change the nose in a variety of ways, removing humps and other imperfections or simply making the nose bigger or smaller. They can also repaid damage caused by trauma such as accidents. Usually this surgery is more complex, but it is still rhinoplasty.

Because rhinoplasty is such a delicate surgery and the outcome is so noticeable you should put plenty of thought into choosing the proper cosmetic surgeon for you. The surgeons that do Beverly Hills rhinoplasty are among the top cosmetic surgeons available and you’ll find that many of the surgeries they have done have been for celebrities and the rich and famous. Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeons are experienced in creating the look that their patients desire.

Before making any decision about who will do your rhinoplasty take the time to speak with several surgeons and find the right one for you. It may take some extra time, but it will be worth it having a surgeon that you are comfortable with. Cosmetic surgery is as much as art as it is a science. Look through the doctors before and after photos to see what type of work they do as each will have his or her own unique style. You do want to maximize your chances of having a positive experience.

Many rhinoplasty’s are done right in the plastic surgeons office and can be done without any major incisions. You’ll very likely be done and back home within several hours and will be able to return to work after just 2-3 days. Very little additional care is necessary outside of a splint on your nose for about 1 week after the surgery to protect your healing nose.

Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeons use the latest research and techniques and this is part of the reason they are so good. Patients are rarely displeased with their results. While nothing is guaranteed you can be very confident that you’ll be quite pleased with your new appearance. After your rhinoplasty you can look in the mirror and see a person who has more confidence and self esteem than before.

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